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Welcome to Track & Field / Cross Country

NCAAU Athletics Announcements

    2017 NC AAU Region 25 Track & Field National Qualifiers


    Girls Running

    8&Under- Bella-Maire Black, Charlotte Heat

    9 yr old-Londyn Atkinson, Unattached

    10 yr old-Aamaiya Ijames, Salisbury Speedsters Elite

    11 yr old-Maya Love, Charlotte Heat

    12 yr old-Akala Garrett, Purpose Driven NC Elite

    13 yr old-Kassidy Jones, Track Explosion

    14 yr old-Alyssa Rowe, Panthers Elite

    15-16- Ariana Rivera, Charlotte Heat

    17-19-Sierra Fletcher, Unattached

    Girls Field

    8&Under- Laila Jones, Tri City Relays of NC

    9 yr old-Taylor Blue, Track Explosion

    10 yr old-Alana Sheppard, Unattached

    11 yr old-Brittany Ellis, Rowan Express

    12 yr old-Tabitha Harris, Unattached

    13 yr old-McKynzie Mauney, Carolina Express

    14 yr old-Laila Hall, Lights Out

    15-16- S'Khaja Charles, Charlotte Heat

    17-19-Cyerra Cruise, Unattached

    Boys Running

    8&Under- Aroson Randle, Track Expolosion

    9 yr old-Jamaurye Johnson, Unattached

    10 yr old-Evan Boykin, Charlotte Heat

    11 yr old-Navion Mcclendon, Concord Rockets

    12 yr old-Demontray Williams, Team Charlotte Premier TC

    13 yr old-Mehki Wall, Carolina Flash Track Club

    14 yr old-Christian Morgan, Rowan Express TC

    15-16- Daniel Moyer,Jr, Lights Out TC

    17-19-Justen Burnette, Lights Out TC

    17-19-Raymonte Dowe, High Point Heat

    Boys Field

    8&Under- Kenyan White, Unattached

    9 yr old-Xavier Perkins, Carolina Roadrunners

    10 yr old-Le'Ezra Brown, Unattached

    11 yr old-Evan Wachendorf, Gastonia Eagles

    12 yr old-Zyon Black, Tri City Relays of NC

    13 yr old-Ben Fresoli, Concord Rockets

    14 yr old-Jahvaree Ritzie, Lights Out TC

    15-16- Mason Ellis, Lights Out TC

    17-19-Spencer Broome, Gastonia Eagles


    2017/2018 Track & Field / Cross Country Events

    Click the link for a complete list for the 2017/2018 meets.


    AAU Athletics encompasses competitions in Track & Field, Cross Country, and Multi-Event. The AAU Athletics Program is comprised of eight age divisions (male and female combined). The athlete’s year of birth shall determine the age division that he/she will compete in.

    The AAU Cross Country Program is directed toward developing progressive continuity for athletics while providing exposure to competitive cross-country. The Program encourages cross country programs and events at all levels of competition: Local, Association, and National.

    The AAU Multi-events Program is directed toward developing progressive continuity for athletics while providing exposure to competitive multi-events. The Program encourages multi-events programs and events at all levels of competition: Association, Regional, and National. The AAU Multi-events Program is conducted under current AAU Code guidelines and follows the competitive rules of the NGB, and as outlined in the 2000 AAU Athletics Handbook.

    Freddie  Crawford

    Freddie Crawford

    Athletics Sport Director

    Phone: 704-231-2118

    NCAAU Athletics Photo Gallery

    2016 NC AAU District Cross Country Championship


    Overall Team Winners: Hurley YMCA Warriors & Charlotte Heat Track Club

    Overall Team Runner up: Cool Kids Run

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