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A.J. Simeon Stadium

2390 School Park Rd. High Point

November 24, 2013

6U, 8U, 10U, 12U & 14U Champs will represt NC at Nationals in Orlando Florida

Runner-ups will qualify for Nationals

NCAAU Tackle Football

North Carolina AAU Youth Tackle Football  provides a platform that enables children to learn about the values and ethics of athletic competition as well as the healthy aspects of physical activity in a safe and friendly environment. It is important that we help our youth recognize the importance of a strong work ethic, sportsmanship, respect for others and good citizenship

We are excited to begin our second year of AAU football in North Carolina.  We are gradually expanding and adding new teams. We look forward to a competitive year of football across the state.

2012 North Carolina AAU Tackle Football State Champions

 6U Triad Ravens, High Point NC

8U Triad Ravens, High Point NC

10U Spring Lake Eagles, Fayetteville NC

12U  Spring Lake Eagles, High Point NC

14U Triad Ravens, High Point NC*

The following teams additionally qualified to play in the League Based National Championships:

6U Walkertown Wolfpack, Walkertown  NC

8U Walkertown Wolfpack, Walkertown NC

10U Winston Salem Tiny Deacons, Winston Salem NC

12U King Dolphins, King NC



NCAAU Tackle Football Photo Gallery

2012 NCAAU Clubs

For more information on joining one of the clubs listed below, click on the team link associated with that club. Clubs include:

Triad Ravens*; High Point NC or www.eteamz.com/triadravensnc

Durham Firebirds, Durham NC

Walkertown Tiny Wolfpack*, Walkertown NC or www.leaguelineup.com/walkertowntinywolfpack

King Dolphins*, King NC or www.eteamz.com/kingdolphins1

Spring Lake Eagles*, Fayetteville NC

Winston Salem Tiny Deacons*, Winston Salem NC or http://www.eteamz.com/winstonsalemtinydeacons

Salisbury 49ers, Salisbury NC

Trinity Titians, Trinity NC

CYG Trojans, Charlotte NC

Absolute Broncos, Fayetteville, NC

Greensboro Eagles, Greensboro, NC

Carolina Cowboys, Greensboro, NC

Carolina Thunderbolts, Henderson, NC

Siler City Jets, Siler City, NC

MHC Bengals


* Teams with an (*)asterisk are currently members of the Mid State Football League. MSYFL can be reached via their League President, Willie Kittrell at 336-989-7527.


For more information please contact

Trevor Hartwig

National Office Football Liason

Phone: 407-934-7200

Willie Kittrell

Tackle Football Sport Director

Phone: 336-989-7527

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