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Mid State Final Standing


Division I
1. High Point Steelers
2. King Dolphins
3. High Point Jr Bison


Division I
1.High Point Steelers
2. Salsibury 49ers
3. DC Cowboys
4. High Point Jr Bison


Division I
1. Salisbury 49ers
2. High Point Steelers


Division I
1. DC Cowboys
2. High Point Steelers
3.High Point Jr Bison
4. Salisbury 49ers


Division I
1. Salisbury 49ers
2. High Point Steelers
3. High Point Jr Bison



CCYFL Final Standings


Division I

1. Trinity Titans     

2. Sumner Storm 

3. SE Guilford (O)


Division I

1. AT Panthers

2. Air Cavs

3. Trinity Titans

4. SWR Cougars


Division I

1. SE Guilford (B)

2.SE Guilford (O)

3. West Chatham Bears

4. Trinity Titans

5. AT Panthers

6. Burlington Air Cavs


Division I

1. Trinity Titants

2. SE Guilford (B)

3. SE Guilford (O)

4. AT Panthers


6U Flag

1. West Chatham

2. New Market

3. SWR Cougars

4. ER Wildats


Division II

5. Carolina Cowboys

6. SE Guilford (B)

7. Sumner Storm

8. West Chatham Bears


Division II

7. Carolina Cowboys

8. SWR Cougar Teal

9. Sumner Storm

10. SWR Cougar White


Division II

5. New Market

6. West Chatham Bears

7. SWR Cougars





DIV I              
  8U DC Cowboys vs SWR Cougars 1:00pm t 2:30pm
  10U Salisbury 49ers vs Trinity Titans 11:30am t 1:00pm
  12U HP Steelers vs AT Panthers 2:30pm t 4:00pm
DIV I 6U Sumner Storm vs High Point Jr Bison 10:00am t 11:30am
  8U Air Cavs vs High Point Jr Bison 11:30am t 1:00pm
  10U SE Guilford Orange vs AT Panthers 10:00 t 11:30am
  12U SE Guilford Black vs DC Cowboys 1:00pm t 2:30pm
  Salisbury, NC        
DIV II FLAG West Chatham Bears vs ER Wildcats 10:00am t 11:00am
  8U SE Guilford Black vs Sumner Storm 11:00am t 12:30pm
  10U Carolina Cowboys vs SWR Cougars White 12:30pm t 2:00pm
  12U West Chatham Bears vs SWR Cougars 2:00pm t 3:30pm
DIV I              
  8U AT Panthers vs Salisbury 49ers 3:30pm t 5:00pm
  10U SE Guilford Black vs Air Cavs 5:00pm t 6:30pm
  12U Trinity Titans vs High Point Jr Bison 6:30pm t 8:00pm
  Southeast Guilford High School    
DIV II FLAG New Market vs SWR Cougars 9:00am t 10:00am
  8U Carolina Cowboys vs West Chatham Bears 10:00am t 11:30am
  10U SWR Cougars Teal vs Sumner Storm 11:30am t 1:00pm
  12U New Market vs C8 1:00pm t 2:30pm
DIV I 6U HP Steelers vs SE Guilford Orange 2:30pm t 4:00pm
  8U HP Steelers vs Trinity Titans 4:00pm t 5:30pm
  10U HP Steelers vs West Chatham Bears 5:30pm t 7:00pm
  12U Salisbury 49ers vs SE Guilford Orange 7:00pm t 8:30pm
  Trinity High School      


DIV I 6U M1 vs W 2-3 10:00 t 11:30
  8U W 1-4 vs W 2-3 11:30 t 13:00
  10U W 1-4 vs W 2-5 13:00 t 14:30
  12U W 1-4 vs W 2-3 14:30 t 16:00
  14U M1 vs M4 16:00 t 17:30
M2 vs M3 17:30 t 19:00
  High Point Andrews High School    
  FLAG W 1-4 vs W 2-3 9:00 t 10:00
DIV II 6U C1 vs W 2-3 10:00 t 11:30
  8U W 1-4 vs W 2-3 11:30 t 13:00
  10U W 1-6 vs W 2-3 13:00 t 14:30
  12U W 1--4 vs W 2-3 14:30 t 16:00
  Randleman High School    


DIV I        6U 9:00 10:30
8U 10:30 12:00
10U 12:00 13:30
12U 13:30 15:00
14U 15:00 16:30
DIV II      8U 16:30 18:00
10U 18:00 19:30
12U 19:30 21:00

News and Updates

ATTENTION ALL NCAAU TACKLE FOOTBALL CLUBS: If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming football season please direct all calls to your Conference President or your State Director, Willie Kittrell.  Any and all calls made to the National office are now being redirected to your North Carolina Tackle Football State Director.

If you have any questions about an athlete or non athlete AAU membership please contact Membership Coordinator, Tinika Brown (336) 577-5341.

NCAAU Tackle Football

North Carolina AAU Youth Tackle Football  provides a platform that enables children to learn about the values and ethics of athletic competition as well as the healthy aspects of physical activity in a safe and friendly environment. It is important that we help our youth recognize the importance of a strong work ethic, sportsmanship, respect for others and good citizenship

We are excited to begin our fourth year of AAU football in North Carolina.  We are gradually expanding and adding new teams. We look forward to a competitive year of football across the state.

2013 North Carolina AAU Tackle Football State Champions

6U Absolute Broncos

8U Spring Lake Eagles

10U Spring Lake Eagles

12U Spring Lake Eagles

14U Durham Firebirds


Mid State Youth Football was founded in 2012. Mid State's founding clubs were looking for an opporuntiy to provide its athletes with the ability to engage in healthy and physical competition.  Mid State took its competetive edge and became one of the first NCAAU Tackle football conferences to represent NCAAU tackle football at Nationals in Florida.

MSYFCL can be reached via their League President, Leonard Greer (336) 926-0598.

The Elite 8 Football Conference

Glen Roe

We are exceptionally fortunate to announce that the Elite 8 will be joining NCAAU Football.  The conference official name is  the NC Independent Middle School Football Conference, but is call the Elite 8.

The conference is made up of two 14U teams from the Carolina Copperheads League, Durham Firebirds, St. Micheal's School in Cary, St. Mary Magdalene School in Apex, The Franciscan School in Raleigh, and other Parochial Schools within the Diocese of Raleigh.  The conference is open to all 14U AAU or Middle School teams to join, but will be capping it at 8 teams this year.

Glen Roe is the Conference President. He graduated from NC State and is the Founder and President of the Carolina Copperheads for the last 14 years from which he has ran multiple summer football camps.  Website is www., Twitter@Copper2000 & Instagram@copperheads_athletics

Central Carolina Football Conference

Kevin Flenniken

NCAAU Football would like to welcome Central Carolina Football League into our family. The CCFC / Central Carolina Football Conference will consist of 7 Organizations. Archdale Trinity Panthers, Sumner Knights, SouthEast Guilford Black, SouthEast Guilford Orange, New Market Bobcats, SouthWest Randolph Cougars & the West Chatham Bears. Conference President / Kevin Flenniken

For more information please contact

Willie Kittrell

Willie Kittrell

Tackle Football Sport Director

Phone: (336)899-3932

From the Desk of the State Director

For the 2014 football season ONLY the State Champions and Runner Ups will represent North Carolina in the League Based National Championship in Florida.  North Carolina will not award ANY At-Large Bids for any conference or non-conference teams to compete in the League Based National Championship in Florida.  All conference or non-conference teams are welcome to compete in the Unrestricted Tournament held in Houston, TX.  If you have any questions or concerns please direct all calls to your North Carolina Tackle Football State Director Willie Kittrell.

NCAAU Tackle Football Photo Gallery


We are very pleased to be able to welcome the Davidson County Cowboys and High Point Jr. Bison into NCAAU Football.  2013 new additions into NCAAU was the Trinity Titians, Salisbury 49ers, and Absolute Broncos. The Cowboys and Bison will be joining  Mid-State.  For more information on joining one of the clubs listed below, click on the team link associated with that club. Clubs include:

High Point Steelers*; High Point NC or

Walkertown Tiny Wolfpack*, Walkertown NC or

King Dolphins*, King NC or

Salisbury 49ers*, Salisbury NC

Davidson County Cowboys*, Thomasville, NC

High Point Jr. Bison*, High Point, NC

East Chatham Chargers*, Pittsboro, NC

Durham Firebirds, Durham NC

Siler City Jets*, Siler City, NC

St. Michaels Crusaders, Raleigh, NC

St. Mary Magdalene Monarchs, Raleigh, NC

Carolina Coperheads, Raleigh, NC

Carolina Thunderbolts, Henderson, NC


To learn more about the below teams please visit

Archdale Trinity Panthers, Trinity NC

Trinity Titians, Trinity NC

New Market Bobcats Randleman, NC

Southeast Guilford Falcons Orange Greensboro, NC

Sumner Storm Greensboro, NC

Air Cavs Burlington, NC

Carolina Cowboys, Greensboro, NC

Eastern Randolph Ramseur, NC

Southeast Guilford Falcons Black Greensboro, NC

Southwestern Randolph Cougars Asheboro, NC

West Chatham Bears Bear Creek, NC


* Teams with an (*)asterisk are currently members of the Mid State Football League.


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