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Event Information


No matter how hard we try to find mistakes, some are bound to occur.  Where a mistake is found between the Master and the pool or bracket, the MASTER is always CORRECT!!


Tournament Info

State Championships May 2-4, 2014 Greensboro, NC

Schedules will be posted by April 30, 2014.

All games will be played at Greensboro Sportsplex and Northeast Guilford High School.  4th-6th Grade teams will primary location is Northeast Guilford High School. 

For more Information Please Contact:

Coach Vince  Jacobs

Coach Vince Jacobs

Director, NC Girls Basketball

Phone: 704-340-6180

AAU Team Check-IN

All teams are required to check-in prior to competition.  Each team should bring with them a printout of their roster (ONLY  Rosters downloaded from National AAU website are acceptable)

  1. Roster

  2. Copy of report cards of players

  3. Birth Certificate only if player is grade exception

All coaches and bench personnel must adhere to AAU Dress code:

Dress Code:

All bench personnel, both male and female, must adhere to the dress code by wearing a shirt with a collar, long pants or dress shorts/skirts and closed toe shoes. No head attire may be worn while on the bench. Shorts are permissible provided that the shorts are of a dressy nature (no cut-off jeans) and are no shorter than 4” above the knee. A violation will result in a warning, with a five-minute grace period to allow for a change of clothing during which play will continue. Subsequent violations will result in a two-shot technical foul charged to the head coach. Tournament Directors issue warnings and Game Officials assess technical fouls.

Tournament Info:
Entry Deadline:
Online Entry:
March 28-30 2014 Western Regional District Qualifiers 5th-8th Grade Asheville, NC March 14th  
March 28-30 2014 Eastern Regional District Qualifiers 5th-8th Grade Fayetteville, NC March 14th  
April 4-6 2014 Western Regional District Qualifiers 4th, 9th-11th Grade Charlotte, NC March 21st  
April 4-6 2014 Eastern Regional District Qualifiers 4th, 9th-11th Grade Raleigh, NC March 21st  
May 2-4 All States 4th, 9th-11th Grade Greensboro, NC    

Click on the appropriate event page for additional tournament information, hotel list, and schedules.  

To register for a tournament, please click on the red "Click Here" link in the online entry table below or visit the appropriate event page.  

Tournament Rosters

Don't forget to submit your tournament rosters!  Click here to email your roster.  

2014 Tournament Info

Division I and Division II Tournament Pool Play

5th-8th Grade-March 29-31, 2014

EAST--Fayetteville, NC

WEST--Asheville, NC

Payment Due Date:  March 15, 2014

4th, 9-11th Grade-April 4-6, 2014

EAST--Raleigh, NC

WEST-Charlotte, NC

Payment Due Date:  March 22, 2014

ALL GRADES - State Tournament

May 2-4, 2014              Greensboro, NC

      Tournament Registration Links available by January 31, 2014