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Welcome to NCAAU Football

North Carolina AAU Football provides a platform that enables children to learn about the values and ethics of athletic competition as well as the healthy aspects of physical activity in a safe and friendly environment.  It is important that we help our youth recognize the importance of a strong work ethic, sportsmanship, respect for others and good citizenship. Please take a look around our site and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Above you will see a tab for Available Programs which will give you information on:

  • Spring Tackle 
  • Fall Tackle
  • 7v7
  • Flag
  • AAU Football Combines

Our Team Administrator site includes all paperwork and guidance required

Our Coaches Training Page includes required Coaches' training.  

Wille Kitrell

Football Sport Director

Phone: (336) 899-3932

Terrell Easter

State Football Commissioner

Phone: (336) 989-1162

Tinika Brown

Director of Membership Services

Phone: (336) 577-5341

Rob Ramsay

Organization & League Development & Support/Regional Director

Phone: 704-661-5107

Emory McClain

Football Regional Director- Charlotte

Phone: 704-574-2594