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AAU COVID19 Guidance for Summer/Fall 2020

We are in unprecedented times and our number one concern is our Athletes, Coaches and AAU family.  Our goal is to have a fall season in 2020 if we can do so in a safe manner and it is allowed by state and local guidance.  The safest way we can agree to move forward is to follow the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) guidance.  This guidance is provided through the link below.  We understand this may be very difficult but we feel it is the best way we can meet our organizations wants and our Athletes and Coaches safety.

Things you should be aware of.  In order to participate in the North Carolina AAU Fall season summer workouts you will need to send a letter on organizational letterhead to with the following statement plus the organizational presidents signature.  This letter will confirm you are responsible to ensure your organization will follow the NCHSAA and local guidance for youth sports and football.

Required Statement

"I (PRINTED NAME OF ORGANIZATIONAL PRESIDENT) agree to follow all guidance provided by the NCAAU State Football Staff for Summer Workouts to include all NCHSAA guidance and any other guidance mandated by the state of North Carolina and/or your local government.  I understand I am responsible for my organization's coaches and athletes.  I understand that if my organization violates this guidance we can be fined $500." 

Ready to Work

North Carolina AAU Football

North Carolina AAU Football provides a platform that enables children to learn about the values and ethics of athletic competition as well as the healthy aspects of physical activity in a safe and friendly environment.  It is important that we help our youth recognize the importance of a strong work ethic, sportsmanship, respect for others and good citizenship.


If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming football season please direct all calls to your Conference President, Regional Director (Rob Ramsay), State Football Commishioner (Terrell Easter) or State Director (Willie Kitrell).  Any and all calls made to the National office are now being redirected to your North Carolina Tackle Football State Director.

If you have any questions about an athlete or non athlete AAU membership please contact Director of Membership Services, Tinika Brown (336) 577-5341.


Wille Kitrell

Football Sport Director

Phone: (336) 899-3932

Terrell Easter

State Football Commissioner

Phone: (336) 989-1162

Tinika Brown

Director of Membership Services

Phone: (336) 577-5341

Rob Ramsay

Regional Director

Phone: (704) 661-5107