Lineman Challenge

There are many things we could add to challenge our lineman and have them demonstrate technique but due to COVID restrictions we have went decided to a focus on strength, speed and agility.

Head to Head Competition 

All activities will be completed in a continuous sequence and scoring will be based on the time to complete all challenges. 

Sequence of Events

  1. Tire Flip (10 yards) 
  2. Speed Ladder (2 Feet In)
  3. Figure 8 drill
  4. Push Ups (10) 
  5. 40 Yard Sprint

Tire Size

  1. 9-10u  38x12.5 r20 all terrain tire
  2. 11u-up  365x65 r22

Figure 8 Drill

Link to Video

Push Ups

  1. Arms shoulder width apart
  2. Elbows should break at 45 degrees
  3. back should be at a level plain
  4. Knees off the ground

Lineman Challenge Video