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NCAAU Tournament Final Standings

05/22/2019, 12:30pm EDT
By Staff

D3 just added!!

Listed here are the teams which have qualified for National Championship Tournaments through the D1, D2, D3, and grade-based state championships, and those who qualified at the NC Super Regional.

Thanks to all our teams. We have enjoyed an increase in memberships, and an increase in the NC number of participating teens.

I hope you will all consider The National Tournament. It is a terrific experience for players, coaches, and parents. There is really no debating that the AAU Nationals are the best youth basketball tournaments in the World!

Greensboro, NC is the site of the 13/u D1 + D2, 7th grade, 10/u D1 and D2, and 4th grade Nationals in early July.

These results have been certified to The National Office, and all teams listed here can begin The National Tournament entry process Now! Be sure to meet the entry deadlines.

Good luck to All! NC Teams always perform well at Nationals – and we are always in the Top one or two districts in Total National Entries – Lets keep The Tradition Going.

Thank you for your participation in The Real AAU-
Rod Seaford, NC Boys Basketball Director

8U-13U State Champ Standings

1. Grind Academy
2. YKD Kings

9U/Division I:
1. NC Gaters
2. Grind Academy
3. Durham Hurricanes
4. Team Felton/Triad Hornets

9U/Division II:
1. Charlotte Warriors
2. Team United
3. Grind Academy
4. Charlotte Nets

10U/Division I:
1. Grind Academy

10U/Division II:
1. Team Exposure
2. NC Wildcats
3. RDC Lakers

11U Division I:
1. CP3 Academy Elite
2. Bull City Nets
3. Team Felton/Triad Hornets
4. Showtime Hoops

11U Division II:
1. CP3 Academy Select
2. Durham Hurricanes
3. Metrolina Havoc
4. RDC Lakers

12U Division I:
1. NC Best Academy
2. Bull City Nets
3. Team Thrill
4. Team Felton/Triad Hornets
5. Durham Hurricanes

12U Division II:
1. Grind Academy
2. Greensboro Warriors
3. Charlotte Nets
4. Bull City Nets
5. YKD Kings

13U Division I:
1. Team United
2. Team Thrill
3. Team Felton/Triad Hornets
4. Team Felton
5. Charlotte Dragons

13U Division II:
1. Bull City Nets
2. NC Wildcats
3. Charlotte Monarchs
4. CP3/CSB 2024
5. Statesville Sonics


3rd Grade Boys:
1. Grind Academy
2. Team United

4th Grade Boys:
1. CP3 Academy 
2. Team United 
3. CP3 Black
4. Charlotte Nets
5. Attack 365
6. CP3 White
7. Port City Select
8. I Got Next

5th Grade Boys:
1. Team United 
3. Greensboro Warriors
4. Pro Skills Basketball 
5. I Got Next

6th Grade Boys:
1. CP3 Academy 
2. Team United 
3. Grind Academy 
4. Knightsdale Hustle 
5. East Carolina Elite  

7th  Grade Boys:
1. Team United (13U)
2. East Carolina Elite 
3. Greensboro Warriors 
4. Fayetteville Flash 

8th Grade Boys:
1. NC Redstorm
2. TSB Elite
3. Carolina Clutch 
4. Pro Skills (UA)
5. Grindhouse LakerS


14U Boys Division I:
1. Team United (White)
2. Bull City Nets
3. Team United (Maroon)
4. PK Flash
5. RDC Lakers  

14U Boys Division II:
1. Team United (Black)
2. Cape Fear Warriors 
3. Court Vision Elite 
4. Milton Elite 
5. Charlotte Royals
6. Fayetteville Flash

7. Pure Basketball  

15U  Boys Division I:
1. Team United 
2. Davie Fastbreak 
3. Hoopstate Select 
4. Rod Howard Select

15U Boys Division II:
1. Sandhill Warriors 
2. CSB Elite 
3. Charlotte Royals   
4. Cape Fear Warriors 
5. Fayetteville Spartans 
6. Fayetteville Flash
7. Eastern Carolina Phenomz  
8. Flash USA  
9. Carolina Knights

16U Boys Division I:
1. Team Heat Elite 
2. Charlotte Royals 
3. Carolina Warriors 
4. Blue Chip Cavaliers

16U Boys Division II:
1. Showtime Elite 
2. Fayetteville Flash
3. Charlotte Dragons  
4. Sandhill Cyclones 
5. Charlotte Nets 
6. NC Breakers 
7. New Light Disciples 
8. Port City Select 
9. Carolina Hounds

17U  Boys Division I:
1. New Light Disciples 
2. Charlotte Royals 
3. Carolina Crossovers    
4. Blue Chip Cavaliers

17U Boys Division II:
1. NC Breakers Elite 
2. Richmond Jammers 
3. Charlotte Dragons 
4. Port City Select 
5. Triad Elite Ballerz
6. Boo Williams Carolina 

19U  Boys
1. Carolina Defenders
2. Team Swish
3. YKD Kings

3rd - 8th Grade D3 State Champ Standings

3rd Grade Boys:
1.  Old Skool (Jordan)
2.  Charlotte Nets
3.  Old Skool (Riney)

4th Grade Boys:
1.  Attack 365 (Michael)
2.  Old Skool (Phillips)
3.  Pro Skills Basketball (Haynes)

5th Grade Boys:
1.  Metrolina Havoc
2.  Pro Skills (Paris)
3.  Attack 365 (2026)
4.  Old Skool (Woeste)
5.  Bull City Nets 2026 (White)
6.  Attack 365 (Tomerlin)

6th Grade Boys:
Carolina Heat 2025
NC Heels Elite
Grindhouse Lakers
Attack 365 (Conroy)
Attack 365 (Dooley)
NC Wildcat
Pro Skills Basketball
Grind Academy
Old Skool (Short)

7th Grade Boys:
1.  Winston Salem Hustlers
2.  Attack 365 (Norm)
3.  Attack 365 (Parker)
4.  Old Skool (Pugh)
5.  Grind House Lakers
6.  South Charlotte Basketball Academy

8th Grade Boys:
1.  PK Flash
2.  Milton Elite
3.  Pro Skills Basketball
4.  Wolves Nation
5.  Attack 365 (Massey)
6.  M24 Legends (Gold)
7.  NC Elite
8.  Grind Academy
9.  Old Skool (Vaki)
10.  NC Wizards

9th Grade Boys:
1.  NC Hornets (8th Grade)
2.  MFIB Spartans
3.  Charlotte Jets (Caldwell)
4.  Pro Skills (Lucas)

10th Grade Boys:
1.  Charlotte Jets
2.  NC Top Flight
3.  Pro Skills (Sayles)
4.  Attack 365 (Conroy)
5.  Attack 365 (Thomas)

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