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Boys Basketball Adopts Big Changes

10/10/2019, 6:00pm EDT
By Staff

The AAU Boys Basketball National Executive Committee has enacted some significant changes in the program for 2019-2020.  These measures are effective immediately and will be reflected in the boys’ basketball manual to be published in October. 

Open Championship:
*All National tournaments are now open to any team meeting the eligibility criteria.  Qualification is not required. 

*International teams are eligible for National Tournaments. 

*Nationals are rebranded and are now the AAU World Championships

*Teams that participate in district championships receive a significant discount to the world championships.

*Teams that participate in district championships receive seeding preference at world championships. 

4-Day Events: All world championships will be completed on fun days of competition. D2 for grade based in teams that are grade based may choose to compete in District 1 or 2.

Championship Banners: 2nd In addition to medals and trophies, teams will be awarded banners for winning World Championships. 

All World Teams: All world teams will be selected at each world championship. 

Post- Grads Eligible: The 19/u 12th grade divisions are expanded. Any athlete under age 20 is eligible for the 20U division, including postgraduates.

Scouting Services Engaged:
*Scouting services will provide scouting, rankings, video profiles etc. at World Championships. 

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