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2015-2016 Program Updates

05/19/2015, 12:30pm EDT
By Jessica Harris

2015 NC AAU Gymnastics Program Updates

*All changes were voted on by the Team NC Board and will be effective August 2015

Xcel Platinum and Diamond levels will be added 2015-2016

State Qualifier awards will include medals only (no ribbons) for events and all-around

Reminders & Clarifications:

  • There is no timing at any level for beam and floor routines, however USAG criteria for maximum beam and floor times should be followed.
  • Only ONE vault is permitted for all levels that do not vault over the table.
  • Gold vaults will all start from a 10.0 regardless of the gymnasts’ choice of springboard.
  • Aid of coach during any vault receives a 3.00 deduction.  Spot on the landing receives only a .50 deduction. (Found in National Handbook)

First Qualifier: Coaches may no longer place all gymnasts in the “default” Novice Division.  Coaches entering gymnasts into their first qualifier of the season must now determine each gymnasts division based on their individual level of proficiency if an all-around score has not yet been achieved.  (It is suggested to use gymnasts’ all-around scores achieved at an invitational that season if applicable.) 

Judges Affiliation- Affiliation will be considered when assigning the chief judge assignments for any AAU meet (when applicable).

Importance of Intents!! Clubs who submit their intent on the website will be given priority in the meet registration process.  This priority is only applicable to paid registrations submitted through Meetmaker BEFORE the deadline to that event (this is not valid for late entries).  It is very important that you submit your intent to any AAU meet you intend on attending as these intents are instrumental during the judging assignment process. (*Clarification- Completing your intent does not guarantee you entrance into any meet!)

*Ability Division updates

Level 1 No Divisions  
Level 2, 3, Bronze, Silver, Gold Novice 33.000 and below
  Intermediate 33.025-33.975
  Advanced 34.000-35.975
  Elite 36.000 and above
Level 4-5 Novice 33.000 and below
  Advanced 33.025-35.975
  Elite 36.000 and above
Level 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Platinum, Diamond No Divisions  








2016 Spring Competition Calendar

1st Qualifier- January 16-17

2nd Qualifier- February 6-7

3rd Qualifier- February 27-28

4th Qualifier- March 12-13

5th Qualifier- April 9-10

AAU State Meet- April 29-May 1


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