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03/15/2017, 12:45pm EDT
By Staff

Easy Ways to Verify Your Identity!


Read below for newest, easiest method of verification!!

Remember! At the NC State Championships and National Championships – Photo ID proof of eligibility is required!

All athletes and coaches at the NCAAU State Championship Tournament must present photo ID at check in.

The NCAAU is happy to announce the newest way to verify age and identity. The AAU has partnered with SportsAgeID to provide Electronic Age Verification for all AAU Boys Basketball members. Click HERE for more info on this method.   

The existing methods of identification are still valid.  Acceptable methods of identification are:

1. **New Method** SportsAgeID
2. Valid Passport
3. Valid Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit
4. Military ID card
5. Dept. of Motor Vehicles State Identification card

Tournament officials can require that the ID be presented at any time during the event.

NC DMV cards cost $10 and take about ten days to process. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!

Coaches should notify players and parents of this requirement as soon as the play is selected for the team.

Examples of excuses that are not acceptable:

                *I forgot

                *I didn’t know

                *My card hasn’t been received from DMV

                *This isn’t fair

                *He played last year

                *I can’t afford it

                *He was born in New York and I can’t get a birth certificate

                *He is very small

                *You never notified me of this requirement

                *We just moved to NC

                *I can’t ____?_____

                  I couldn’t ___?____

                  I didn’t ___?_____

                  I don’t ___?_____

                  (Fill in the blank)

ID requirement is popular and well received!

Although acquiring and ID may involve some inconvenience, the requirement has been well received by AAU coaches and parents – Why?

1. Incidents of cheating or attempted cheating have been markedly decreased. No major incidents were found in NC last year. 2014 was the first year of the program. Because it was a new requirement many exceptions were granted. Now in our third year, we cannot allow for any exceptions. This year 100% compliance is required.

2. No more eligibility notebooks, copies of documents, lost booklets, etc. etc. 

3. Check in is quicker and less confusing. (Show the photo, get checked off the roster, enter the gym.)

4. Parents, spectators, coaches and competitors are much more comfortable that the opponent is a legal player.

ID cards/photos are good for at least 3 years. Act early, then relax in the knowledge that your athlete is set.


Get your memberships now. In the Spring, processing could take as long as two weeks due to high volume. The earlier you order your membership, the quicker the approval. (Athlete membership applications are approved immediately.)

State tournaments are open for entry on January 10th.

*All you need is a club membership code and a credit card.

*You have until the first game to complete your roster!

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