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AAU Cares About Houston

08/30/2017, 4:15pm EDT

The people of Southeast Texas are facing a tragic time with the devastation of Storm Harvey.  We, as an organization are coming together to help the community continue to persevere through immense loss. 

There are thousands of people under evacuation orders and the shelters in Houston are filled to capacity.  There is continuous rainfall which has now set a record in this country.  Emergency responders are working round the clock to aid and bring everyone that has been affected to safety.   

The first of next week, the AAU National Office will be driving a truck to Houston with much needed supplies for the community.  The AAU is collecting donations to extend the help for the people of Houston.  This will greatly help assist relief organizations.  These donations will also help assist in getting the people of Houston items such as water, food, diapers, clothes, shoes, socks, towels, emergency care kits and many other supplies needed at this time.  You can make donations payable to AAU and mail to:

Attn: AAUCares4Houston
PO Box 22409
Lake Buena Vista, FL  32820

Please see press release for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact my assistant, Sukie Black at 407-828-5548 or email her at

Please continue to keep the people of Houston in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to work on recovering from the affects this storm has brought to their city.

Dr. Roger J. Goudy
Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
Main Line: (407) 934-7200  Office: (407) 828-5548

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