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General Information

Program Overview

The AAU Junior National Volleyball Program offers opportunities for boys and girls, ages 10 to 18, in all skill levels to participate in indoor and beach volleyball. Events are held throughout the country, including local leagues, Association/Regional Championships and National Championships. The first indoor AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships were held in 1974 in Cantonsville, Maryland. Since then, the growth has been outstanding and the Championships continue to provide an outlet for thousands of participants to engage in a high quality volleyball atmosphere. The National Championships are open, so any member team can participate.

Age Divisions

The age determination date for AAU Volleyball is September 1. Below are the 2007 age requirements for each age division.
12 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1993
14 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1991
16 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1989
18 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1987 or were high school students in the 12th grade or below during the current academic year and were born on or after Sept 1, 1986.
Age Waivers: No age waivers are allowed at the National Championships. Local Association Chairs can modify age divisions or grant waivers for local tournaments. Please contact your Association Chair for information.

AAU Club Membership 

To register your club with the AAU, complete the AAU Club Membership Form.  You can have more than one team in a club. Club membership fees vary depending on the level, check the web at for information. Club Membership can be completed instantly on-line at or the form can be mailed to your local AAU District. Please refer to the club application for a list of benefits for each club level.

AAU Individual Membership 

To participate in the AAU, all athletes and coaches must be individual members of the AAU. Youth athlete membership for volleyball is $12 per athlete. Non-athlete (coach, volunteer, official) membership is $14. AAU members are covered with sports liability and accident insurance. Please refer the current insurance brochure for details. For an additional $2, athletes can be covered when participating in non-AAU sanctioned events. See the brochure for specific information. As a member, you can participate in any sport in AAU.
To become a member, you can (a) Register instantly on-line at or (b) Complete and submit the AAU Membership Application to your Local AAU District

Hosting a Tournament or League 

As an AAU Club, you can apply to host your own tournaments or leagues. You must submit a Sanction Application Form to your local AAU District. Tournaments can be hosted any time of the year. Sanction fees vary among Districts, but typically a one-day tournament can be sanctioned for $48. You can also sanction a league for a maximum of $336. Contact you local District for additional sanctioning information.
The tournament schedule for your District should be approved and maintained by the District Volleyball Chair. Tournament entry fees should be kept low, but high enough to cover the cost of facility rental. Remember, the AAU’s mission is to provide quality opportunities for everyone to participate in sports.

Local District Volleyball Directors

The local Volleyball Director in your District can provide you with additional information regarding other teams and tournaments in your area. If there is not a Volleyball Director in your area and you are interested in developing a program in your District, please contact the Local AAU Office at 1-800-AAU- 4USA or the AAU National Office at 407-934-7200.

Third Party Certificate of Liability Inurance 

Once you are a club and your event is sanctioned, you can request a Certificate of Liability Insurance for facilities you will be using for practices or tournaments. This form is only needed if required by the facility. This form is to be filed with your local District. Once processed, the insurance certificate will be available to print from the web site at You will need your club code in order to access the certificate.

USA Volleyball 

The AAU is a member organization of USA Volleyball. Any team is welcome to participate in AAU competition as long as AAU membership guidelines are met and the team is in good standing with the local AAU District. AAU competition is conducted under the current AAU Code and under the playing rules of USA Volleyball as modified by the AAU Executive Volleyball Committee. For additional information on USA Volleyball, please visit

AAU Spotlight Grand Prix Tournaments

To encourage the growth of volleyball at the Association and Regional levels, the AAU has developed the Spotlight Grand Prix Tournament Series. In these tournaments, teams that win age divisions with 10 or more teams will not have to pay the entry fee for the National Championships. If you do not have AAU volleyball teams in your Association, this is a great way to encourage teams to participate. If there are teams in your area, this is a chance to offer them another opportunity to participate in the AAU.