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FR: Rod Seaford – Director

Listed below are teams which have qualified for D-I and D-II national championships through the NC District Championships. Teams are listed according to their tournament placement. Teams which qualified in DI, but who placed below 4th in the district tournament, may elect to use their bid to enter the DII Nationals. Likewise, teams which qualified in DII, but place below 4th, may elect to use their bid to enter the DIII Nationals.

I have awarded several DII At Large bids, which are listed in the appropriate grade/division.

This list does not include teams that earned the right to a bid in Super-Regionals. Teams which earned a right to a bid in a Super Regional, and who validated that right by participating in a district championship, also qualified.

If your team qualified for a national championship you should start the entry process now by going to All the teams listed have been certified to the national office as qualified teams. If you need help with your national entry, call 407-934-7200, and ask for the basketball department.

NC usually leads the nation in the number of teams in national championships. Let’s keep that tradition going. Start your planning and enter today!


2ND Grade
1. Metrolina Havoc
2. Carolina Phenoms
3. CBC – White
4. East Carolina Elite
5. SC Raptors
6. Benchwarmer Tigers

3rd Grade – DI
1. Team Carolina
2. Carolina Preps
3. Carolina Phenoms
4. Team Charlotte

3rd Grade – DII
1. Charlotte Rivals
2. NC Gaters
3. CBC – Metcalf

4th Grade – DI
1. Metrolina Havoc
2. Team Carolina
3. Carolina Kings
4. Carolina Tide

4th Grade – DII
1. NC Swarm
2. QCAA Force
3. Charlotte Rivals
4. Charlotte Nets
5. Garner Road Bulldogs
    So. Piedmont Heat               At Large
    Garner Road – Hukins          At Large
    Charlotte Jets                     At Large
    NC Gaters                          At Large
    Lake Norman Wizards          At Large

5th Grade – DI
1. Carolina Preps
2. Metrolina Havoc
3. Durham Hurricans
4. Worldwide Sundevils
5. Team Charlotte
6. South Piedmont Heat

5th Grade – DII
1. Garner Road
2. Queen City Thunder
3. NC Top Flight
4. Charlotte S.C.O.R.E.
5. Carolina Crossover
6. Carolina Flash
7. Worldwide Sundevils
    WCBA                                 At Large
    Sandhills Warriors               At Large

6th Grade – DI
1. NC Runnin Rebels
2. CB Spiders
3. QCAA Force
4. Team Felton
5. Carolina Phenoms
6. Charlotte Rivals
7. NC Swarm
8. Durham Hurricanes

6th Grade – DII

1. Carolina Hawks
2. Sharpshooters (Wilson)
3. Charlotte Jets – Gray
4. QCAA White
5. NC Prep
6. Garner Road Bulldogs
7. SC Raptors
8. Team Carolina
9. QCAA Blue
    NC Spartans                    At Large
    NC Raptors                      At Large

7th Grade – DI
1. NC Gaters
2. Cabarrus Stars
3. Team Felton
4. CB Spiders
5. Garner Road
6. QCAA Force
7. Team FSB
8. CBC – Johnson
9. Mid State Magic

7th Grade – DII
1. Durham Hurricanes
2. MVP Basketball
3. Raleigh Elite
4. Winston Salem Heat
5. NC Court Generals
6. Carolina Tide
7. Metrolina Havoc
8. Newbridge Powerhouse Warriors
9. CBC – McClure
10. Greensboro Warriors
11. Charlotte Hoyas
12. Charlotte Jets
      CBC Hodge                            At Large
      Carolina Hawks                      At Large
      Wilson Blue Devils                  At Large
      NC Raptors                            At Large
      Sandhills Warriors                   At Large

8th Grade – DI
1. Karolina Diamonds
2. Cherokee Flight
3. CP3 All Stars
4. Team Charlotte
5. Carolina Express Youth Basketball
6. Carolina Pride
7. Team FSB
8. Team United
9. Carolina Express
10. Mid State Magic

8th Grade – DII
1. Wilson Blue Devils
2. NC Hustle
3. Wake County Basketball Assn.
4. Chapel Hill Bulldogs
5. CBC Knight
6. Carolina Flight
7. Team Destined for Greatness
8. Impact Basketball
9. MVP Basketball
10. New Bern Storm
11. Garner Road Bulldogs
12. Durham Hurricanes
13. G.A.S. Ballers
14. QCAA Force
      Charlotte Thunder               At Large
      NC Blazers                          At Large
      NC Ravens                          At Large
   Charlotte Rivals                      At Large

9th Grade – DI
1. Queen City Thunder
2. Team Heat
3. Charlotte Reign
4. Wake County Basketball Assn.
5. Team 1 on 1
6. Hickory Hurricanes
7. NC Runnin Rebels
8. Yadkin Valley Cyclones

9th Grade – DII
1. KBC
2. Winston Salem Mavericks
3. Greensboro Warriors
4. Carolina Flame
5. Childress Gaters
6. Carolina Blue Streaks
7. Carolina Kings
8. Wilson Blue Devils
9. Charlotte Storm
10. Team Warriors
       DWBA Rising Heels                        At Large
       Charlotte Black Mambas                 At Large
       Raleigh Capitals                             At Large
       Capital City Pacers                         At Large
       Carolina Pressure                           At Large

10th Grade – DI
1. Wake County Basketball Assn
2. Mid State Magic
3. Charlotte Royals
4. Carolina Warriors
5. NC Force
6. Carolina Express
7. Garner Road Bulldogs
8. Team Carolina

10th Grade – DII
1. NC Blazers
2. DWBA Rising Heels
3. Carolina Hawks
4. Carolina Crossovers
5. Winston Salem Warriors
6. United Carolina Ballers
7. Mid State Magic
8. NC Gaters
    Charlotte Hoyas                      At Large
    CBC – Rhodes                        At Large

11th Grade – DI
1. CP3 All Stars - 10th
2. Bull City Select
3. Team Charlotte - 10th
4. NC Force
5. Mid State Magic
6. Charlotte Nets
7. Charlotte Jets North
8. Team Charlotte 11th – Automatic Bid
9. Raleigh Capitals – Reverted Automatic Bid
10. CP3 – 11th – Automatic Bid

11th Grade – DII
1. Charlotte Storm
2. Charlotte Jets West
3. BCE Eagles
4. Frazier Youth Sports
5. Charlotte Jets East
6. Capital City Pacers
7. Elite Ballers
    Raleigh Roadrunners               At Large

12th Grade
1. Charlotte Storm
2. NC Blazers
3. Carolina Phenoms
4. Sandhills Ballers

DIII – All teams, grades 3 – 9, which participated in the D-III District Championships in Greensboro NC – May 18-20, are qualified to enter the D-III National Championship